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Welcome to Real Basketball.  This web site is designed to be a place for real basketball players to go.  When I say "real" basketball players, I mean players that play for the love of the game, and of course for the pride.  This site is a place where ballers can go to do a huge number of things... such as: chat and interact with other players around the world, read stories from other players like you, view dope art from other readers of the page, submit your own stories, art, and anything else you have about your life as a real player, all in all, this is the page that glorifies the unknown playground ballers from around the world, the high school and college players, the great 5'2" point guard with amazing but unrecognized skills, any player that just plays for the love of the greatest sport on earth... basketball. This site has everything that the playground baller could want... just check it out.


In this message board you can interact with all of the other real ballers around the world. Go here and meet up with other players like you, discuss what's going on in the NBA, the great playgrounds of the U.S., talk some shit, whatever you want to do. Try it out.

This is the one and only place to chat with other real basketball players like you in a real-time environment. You have to check this out. Just enter below, follow the short instructions, and you're ready to go.

This is where you can view profiles of the real basketball players. View their stats, maybe see their picture, it all depends on what you send. Remember, send me your profile, and if I feel you're a real baller, then you'll see yourself immortalized in here.

Send me your profiles, stories, feedback, questions, art, or whatever else you can think of.

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